Inheritance Tax Calculator


Value of main home/residence£
Other property

(second home, holiday home, business property / land, etc.)

Cars or boats£
Household contents/personal effects£ 
Antiques, jewellery, art and/or collectables£
Bank and/or building society accounts£
Investments (including stocks and shares)£
Life insurance policies (not in trust)£
Pensions lump sum (not in trust)£
Other assets£
Total assets£


Outstanding Mortgage£
Other Loans£
Outstanding debts (overdraft, hire purchase, credit cards)£
Other liabilities£
Total Liabilities£

Calculating the IHT Liability

Less nil-rate band (2018/2019)

Please choose the nil rate band to be used based on whether this is a single person or there is a full transferable nil rate band available from a previous spouse or civil partner

Asset deduction
Less assets subject to Business Property Relief

(insert value of any assets which would be subject to 100 % BPR)

Less assets subject to Agricultural Property Relief

(insert value of any assets that would be subject to APR)

Amount which is liable to IHT£
Potential IHT Liability£