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The idea that when you die – having paid tax on your income, your profits and even your purchases throughout your entire life – HMRC for some reason feels that it’s entitled to 40% of everything that’s left at the end.

The key aspect with IHT mitigation is “planning in advance” – because while there are lots of options, you need to take the correct actions in a timely manner.

There is a big difference between “late” and “too late” potentially 40% tax.

Take steps to ensure that you are effective in protecting your assets for your loved ones.

Year to June 2017  £5.1billion was paid in Inheritance tax by more than 42,000 families.

The largest financial transaction you will ever make is unfortunately  upon your death, when your assets pass to your spouse and heirs.

Hope is not a strategy” If you take no action to protect your assets and minimise your exposure to inheritance tax,  no-one else will.

As Roy Jenkins,  former Labour Chancellor famously said “Inheritance tax, broadly speaking, is a voluntary levy, paid only by those who mistrust their heirs more than they dislike the inland revenue”